What exactly is a ‘Personal Concierge on Wheels?’

Most car and limousine services do nothing more than hire cars and drivers. But when you travel with us, you get access to your own Personal Concierge on Wheels. This means we will take care of anything you need, from restaurant reservations, hiring helicopters and boats and even personally designed sightseeing tours.

How does my free corporate transfer offer work?

Simple. When you use our corporate transfer service 10 times, the next time will be completely on You won’t pay a cent for it. Conditions apply

Which cities do you operate in?

You can use our services in almost every Australian capital city, Gold Coast and Cairns. And if you need help overseas you can access our exclusive network.If we don’t have any affiliates in the country your going we will find them for you.

Are there any terms and conditions that apply?

Naturally, there are a few terms and conditions to protect both of us. They’re quite simple and straight forward and you can see them below. You should check them out because your booking is subject to them.

What happens with amendments?

We pride ourselves on doing whatever it takes to cater for your every needs. That’s why we’re always happy to make amendments to your booking as long as we have vehicles and drivers available.

As you’d expect, there may be some small additional fees for amendments but our friendly and helpful staff will walk you through everything.

What if I have to cancel?

We understand that things change, and sometimes you may need to cancel.

As you would expect there are some fees to be paid.

For bookings cancelled 24 hours prior to travel, there is a no cancellation fee.

If you need to cancel on the day then the cancellation fee is 100% of the value of the booking.

When you book a wedding or formals there is a 50% non-refundable deposit with the balance of payment required one day before your event.

Can we eat and drink in the vehicle?

Food and drink are not to be consumed without prior approval. While our vehicles offer a silky smooth ride, sometimes the condition of roads and traffic mean you could end up spilling food or drink on yourself, and if you’re dressed up this is the last thing you want.

And of course, this can damage our vehicles too, so it protects both you and us.

Can we smoke in the vehicle?

No. Smoking is not permitted by law in any vehicle.

Do you provide chauffeur only service?

Yes, if you have your own cars we can provide a professional chauffeur for you. Please do ask us if there is something we can do we will.

Can you provide seating for children?

Absolutely. We can supply your vehicle with baby seats, baby capsules and boosters.

You will need to let us know when you make your booking though because it takes time to fit baby seats and capsules safely, and this makes sure everything is ready to go.

And if you would like to use your own, you are most welcome to do this instead.

What is the luggage capacity of your vehicles, and do they take trailers?

Our limousines and sedans have quite large boots, so we can take quite a lot of luggage. However, for safety reasons your luggage can’t take in the vehicle with you.

So if you have a lot of luggage or you have 4 or more people then let us know and we can provide a trailer or arrange a larger vehicle for you. We can also arrange transport of additional luggage if you need.

What payment methods do you accept and when is the charge made?

You can pay by credit card, cash, cabcharge or direct deposit. There are a few conditions, which are:

When booking, we will request your credit card details (Visa, Mastercard, American Express). Your card details will be held as security on your reservation. Charges will be made upon completion of your booking. You have the option to pay by cash or cabcharge upon transfer. When paying by cash or cabcharge, credit card security is still required, but no charge will be made to your card. Vouchers ca

Are we allowed to stop to take photos?

Of course. We are happy to stop so you can take photos. Of course, I’m sure you understand that if this extends your journey beyond the time you booked this will be added in the total journey time for pricing purposes.

We want your day to be memorable so feel free to ask for photo stops.

How do I get a quote for a service?

Simple. You can email info@corporatechauffeursgoldcoast.com.au or by phoning us on 1300 753 847 and our helpful staff will prepare a detailed quote for you. We will happily provide a quote for single or multiple vehicle bookings, any special requests or needs you have and any return journey details or additional journey pickups and drop-offs.

What is the minimum time when hiring a vehicle?

For weddings, the minimum hire time is 2 hours. For all other occasions it is 1 hour. And any time beyond this is charged in 15 minute increments.

What if I’m not sure what time my event will finish?

This happens, and you don’t want to be paying for a car that’s sitting there waiting for you. The easiest thing to do is make a tentative time and let us know on the night.

How much waiting time do you include?

We know things don’t always run on time. So we allow some flexibility with waiting times.

For general travel we allow 15 minutes free waiting time.

For domestic airport transfers we allow 30 minutes waiting time after your flight is due to land.

And for international flights we allow 60 minutes waiting time after your flight is due to land.

If passengers are arriving on different flights, then the waiting time starts after the first flight lands.

Alternatively you can r

What happens if my plane is running late?

Our operational staff and your chauffeurs actively monitor your flight’s arrival time. This means if your flight is delayed you won’t be paying for us to wait. And you won’t need to worry about your car not being there if you’re late.

How do we find you at the airport?

The meeting spot for domestic flights is at the bottom of the escalators. For international flights, the normal meeting spot is at the appropriate arrival gate.

Gold Coast
As you walk out of main door to go to pickup your bags your driver will be holding a sign with your name on it

Alternatively we can arrange to meet you at a particular location if you prefer. Your chauffeur will hold a sign with your name, or your group or company’s

What do you offer for weddings?

Our wedding have a lot of options pending on your package
Example services include red carpet, ribbons on the front of the car, champagne and bottled water.
Please speak to us to tailor any special requirements you may have.

Can we carry pets?

It depends what type and size your pet is. You can email us by clicking here or phone us on 1300753847 and our helpful staff will assist you.