Pacific Airshow Gold Coast 2023

Pacific Airshow Gold Coast 2023

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Pacific Airshow Gold Coast 2023 will take over Australia’s iconic Surfers Paradise Beach on 18-20 August. The three-day festival will transform the sky over iconic Surfers Paradise into Australia’s biggest stage, with high-flying performances by elite military aviators and the best civilian performers worldwide. The breathtaking aerial feats performed over Surfers Paradise Beach and backdropped by the iconic Gold Coast skyline are sure to excite and amaze.

The Pacific Airshow on the Gold Coast is an annual aviation event that showcases various aircraft performances and demonstrations. Airshows are thrilling events that attract aviation enthusiasts, families, and spectators who enjoy witnessing impressive aerial feats and precision flying.

Airshows like this are famous for their high-energy performances and the opportunity to see various aircraft up close.

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What are the excitement and expectation for Pacific Airshow Gold Coast 2023?

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World-Class Performers: The organisers have secured an impressive lineup of world-class aerobatic teams and pilots. Renowned aviators and iconic aircraft worldwide are expected to participate, promising breathtaking maneuvers and thrilling aerial displays.

 Family-Friendly Experience: The airshow is known for offering a family-friendly experience, making it an attractive outing for parents and children alike. Witnessing awe-inspiring aerial displays together creates an unforgettable bonding experience for families.

Contributing to the Local Economy: Airshows typically attract visitors from outside the area, boosting tourism and benefiting local businesses and communities. The anticipation surrounding the 2023 edition stems from the positive impact it can have on the Gold Coast’s economy and tourism industry.

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Located right in the heart of the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise is home to some of the Gold Coast’s most-hyped bars, restaurants, and many accommodation operators. It is easily accessible from wherever you’re travelling, whether by tram, bus or car.

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